06614 dry eyes

06614 Dry Eyes

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Diagnosing and treating dry eyes in 06614

Harsh winds and dry indoor heat are going to be part of your life for the next few months, and that means you are more prone to 06614 dry eyes. The result can be discomfort, mild to moderate symptoms, and a temporary impediment to your vision. Here at Oronoque Eye Care, diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes is one of our specialties.

If your eyes are producing the proper amount of tears and the composition of those tears is of sufficient quality, you will be unlikely to succumb to environmental factors that can lead to 06614 dry eyes. But a combination of poor tear production and the weather conditions of autumn and winter make for a potent formula. Exposure to tobacco smoke also contributes to robbing your eyes of moisture. Do you experience any of the following symptoms: blurry vision, discomfort when wearing your contact lenses, sensitivity to light, tired eyes, a sensation that can be like burning, stinging, or scratching, or that something is in your eye? If so, come in for an examination. In addition to a thorough checkup, our eye doctor may also conduct tests that determine the quantity and quality of your tears. Treatment may be as simple as having you use artificial tears, a type of eye drops that adds needed moisture. There is also a prescription strength version. Additional possibilities to improve tear production are also available. The appropriate treatment will depend on your individual circumstances. It is also advisable to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when you’re outside on windy days, avoid smoke, and get one or more humidifiers for your home.

Don’t suffer with 06614 dry eyes. There are simple and effective means for reducing or even eliminating their effect on you. So please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment. Use the handy button at the top of our website, or call our office.

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