Stratford emergency eye care

Stratford Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency eye care in Stratford

You may not know the exact nature of the situation, but you nearly always know when something is wrong with one or both of your eyes. When you need emergency attention, turn to us at Oronoque Eye Care for the immediate diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment you require.

Some of our patients ask us what issues can be addressed by hour Stratford emergency eye care. Some of the typical examples are sudden vision loss, floaters (spots that appear in your field of vision), discharge of any color from your eyes (white, yellow, green), redness in your eyes, an apparent case of eye inflammation or infection, corneal ulcers, a lump inside your eyelid, complications that result from an eye disease that you have, or a foreign object or particle that is stuck in your eye. However, there is no complete list. Our Stratford emergency eye care is here to take care of anything affecting your eyes that you think requires prompt attention. If you’re unsure, though, then call us. We’re pleased to give you the guidance and advice that you need to feel assured. In the overwhelming majority of cases, our office is fully able to meet your needs. However, if you feel that your circumstances are of a life threatening nature, or you have suffered an accident or injury that includes other health threats that are not related to your eyes, it is advisable to go to an emergency room or call 911, whichever is more appropriate. When you do come to our office, we’ll make use of our cutting-edge diagnostics and equipment to give you the high level of care you want and expect.

Make sure that our number is where you can access it on a moment’s notice, such as programmed in your mobile phone (and any of your other phones). Our Stratford emergency eye care is prepared to be of service right away.

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